May 25, 2020
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Pastor Randy Wahl recently moved to the Phoenix area after retiring from full time ministry. God began calling him when he attended University Hills Lutheran School and Lutheran High School in Denver, CO. His bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, from Colorado State University, enabled his first career path in the cement manufacturing and oil/gas industries. He attended his 20th high school reunion, where he met his wife, Rhoda. After being called, again, as an undershepherd for Jesus Christ, they moved to Ft. Wayne, IN so he could work on his master’s degree in Divinity, in preparation for ordination. After completing the pastoral program in Ft. Wayne, IN and vicaring in Yuma, AZ, Randy was ordained at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ogallala, NE. He also served parishes in Wickenburg, AZ; McCook, NE; and Milford, NE before retiring.